COVID-19 Update 7/17/20 -

Mountaire Park Members-

Temperatures are rising! Time to cool off at the pool! Don't forget, the schedule for next week opens Friday, July 17th at 5:00 pm.

Also, please update the CourtReserve app to add in the latest updates and fix a few bugs. If you can not attend your reserved session, please make sure to cancel before the session starts so another member may us that time. 

Cheers and see you in the water! 



COVID-19 Update 6/8/20 -

Mountaire Park Members-

We’ve had a great opening week and hope you and your family have been enjoying the pool.  Thank you for all the positive feedback!

The team has been working hard to address pop up issues (a massive broken pipe!) while listening to your feedback. Based on what we’ve seen so far we are making some adjustments moving forward. 

Today, Monday, at 5:00 pm we are adding an additional reservation slot for each membership, bringing it to 3 this week.  We are also resetting the system and reservations currently booked from June 15-21 will be cancelled. We’re working with our vendor on implementing a more robust system to allow more pool time per family, and hope to have it in place for next week! We’ll announce the reopening of those days as soon as we have an update.


  • When signing up for a time slot be sure to register all your family members, not just yourself, so we can have an accurate count to stay within the capacity limits. 

  • You must have proof of your reservation to enter the pool. This can be on your phone in the CourtReserve app or your email, or a print out.  The front desk workers do not have access to a list of who is registered for each shift. 

  • If you book back to back sessions, you must leave the pool deck between sessions to allow for deep cleaning. 

  • When reserving a baby pool slot, family members can exit the baby pool and use the main pool. Reservations in the main pool may not use the baby pool when 10 people are already inside the fenced area.

If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. 

We’re all in this together, please be kind as we navigate these changes!

Mountaire Park Board of Directors


COVID-19 Update - 5/26/20

Mountaire Park Members-

We are working diligently to safely open the pool! The facility is in great shape, lifeguards have been in the water getting their certifications and our county inspection went well. That puts us on track for an early June opening date.  

In the next few days we need you to take the following steps

  • Visit the pool webpage to update your contact and family information. This will be important so we can keep you up to date over the season, and the family data will be used to confirm membership at the check in table. We want to avoid confusion at the desk and ensure smooth access for your family. 

  • Sign the 2020 waiver as soon as possible. It can be found here. You cannot enter the pool if this isn't on file. 

  • Click on this link if you or a family member is considered at-risk. We want to hear from you. 

This season will look different than years past. Getting to the pool will offer a chance to cool off and have a change of scenery. Below are the 2020 rules based on CDC and GA state guidelines, and some additional information we will be opening the pool with. They are subject to change at any point during the summer.

2020 Pool Rules for Members:

  1. Members must sign a COVID-19 waiver. 

  2. Members only. No guests allowed at any time. 

  3. No one under the age of 16 is allowed without a guardian/caregiver at all times.

  4. Members will sign up online for pool time via, no walk up visits.

  5. Hand sanitizer will be available for member use. 

  6. Members should practice social distancing with people not living in the same household per CDC and State of GA guidelines. This is 6 feet apart and includes inside and outside of the pool. 

  7. No pool toys are allowed. This includes floats, noodles, balls, dive toys. The only exception is for infant floats in the main pool.

  8. No use of the diving board, kitchen, ice machine, water fountain, ping pong and foosball. 

  9. Members must bring their own chairs, which must remain at least four feet back from the pool edge at all times around the pool perimeter for emergency use.

  10. No parties or social events. 

Additional items for members to know:

  • Restrooms will be professionally cleaned daily. 

  • The pool will close for a 30 minute break between shifts for sanitizing tables, handrails, and bathrooms.

  • Lifeguards will wear masks unless on the guard stand.  

  • Lifeguards are for water safety only, ensuring that lifeguards who are actively lifeguarding are not also expected to monitor hand washing, use of cloth face coverings, or social distancing of others.

Once we have the opening date we’ll contact the membership with instructions on how to register for time slots. If you have any questions or concerns please let us know. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you, Mountaire Board


COVID-19 Update - 5/11/20

Hello fellow members,

I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there.  And a big thank you to all the Mountaire members that are essential workers and healthcare providers for your continued dedication and service during these trying times! 

We wanted to send everyone an update regarding our 2020 Swim season. Sweetwater Pool Management has provided an update with information from the State of Georgia & the CDC regarding the upcoming Pool season.  There was a lot of good information that I wanted to pass along.

The Mountaire board is expecting a swim season this summer, but it will look different than in years past.  The cover was removed from the pool recently and we are working with Sweetwater to follow all the procedures necessary to open the pool hopefully in early June.  However, the exact opening date is going to be subject to further Coronavirus procedures from the state of GA and Fulton County.

Fulton County is holding our pool opening permit and we CANNOT open without a permit. Once the Governor gives the OK, Fulton County should release the permit quickly.  This impacts the lifeguard community as well, as they are unable to go through their required training since pool work at Mountaire. We will let everyone know as soon as we can safely open the pool for 2020.

As mentioned last month, COVID-19 cannot live in chlorinated water.  The concern about community pools is not the water but the close contact between members, in and out of the water and on common-touch surfaces around the pool. The rule of thumb that the CDC representative said is, “If you can touch someone who does not live in your household with a pool noodle, you are too close.”  This social distancing is something we will have to abide by when the pool opens, the new process and rules that are being formed by the Board and our management company and will be communicated to everyone before we open.

As plans continue to develop we will be looking at our budget for the season. While some costs will go down (shorter season with less lifeguard hours) others will be added with additional cleaning supplies and services.  We also replaced the heater before the COVID-19 pandemic came into effect.  

We will continue to update everyone later this month as we progress. The pool is such a vital part of our community and we're all anxiously waiting for it to open! As a friendly reminder the summer swim team has been cancelled and you can find updates at their website


Mountaire Board

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