*Due to Covid-19 - we are currently not taking Party requests. Thank you for your understanding. 

Book a Party:

Members can book a party by completing this form and reserving the date/time by emailing mountairepool@gmail.com two weeks before your planned event. Please include your member number.  Once confirmed, then contact Sweetwater Pools to book extra lifeguards.  The guidelines on the Sweetwater Pools website must be followed- https://www.sweetwaterpools.net/pool-parties/pool-party-request-form/.  Please bring your complete Mountaire form to front desk at the time of the party.  Online calendar should be up to date to check availability. 

Sweetwater Contact: 770-939-5757


Pay Sweetwater Pools direct for the lifeguards.  Bring $50 check to front desk as cleaning deposit.  Host will need to pay $2 for any non-member guest.

Pool Party Guidelines:

Members may reserve the use of the facilities for private parties after regular pool hours. Although private parties may also be scheduled during pool hours, exclusive use of the facilities or pool cannot be reserved. We can reserve half of the pavilion during normal pool hours.   No parties on holiday weekends or during pool events.   

A party is defined as when a member has more than five guests at one time or when there is more than a five to one ratio of adults to kids in a group or when the judgment of pool staff indicates a safety concern.

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